Ian Patrick Hines
Certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect

Yes, Scotland!
Driving grassroots engagement during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum


Screenshot: Homepage

A bold, photo-heavy homepage leaps right into telling the story of the campaign’s grassroots supporters.

#activeYes App Signup

Screenshot: #activeYes App Signup

A NationBuilder-powered signup form drives supporters toward the campaign’s bespoke app.

Personalized Dashboard

Screenshot: Personalized Dashboard

A first-of-its-kind “Dashboard” supports the campaign’s “Mine Plus Nine” distributed organizing effort.

About the Yes, Scotland! campaign

The people of Scotland will be asked one simple question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” The referendum will shape Scotland — and Europe’s — future and the people at Yes Scotland are leaving no stone unturned.

I was brought on to build a first-of-its-kind “Dashboard” (login to see it) in support of the campaign’s “Mine Plus Nine” effort. By leveraging NationBuilder’s built-in recruiter tracking functionality, we empowered supporters to become digital “precinct captains” that can track and remain engaged with the supporters they’ve brought on board.

Services Rendered

  • NationBuilder Expert Consulting
  • NationBuilder Website Design
  • NationBuilder Website Development