Ian Patrick Hines
Certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect

I design beautiful, powerful NationBuilder website themes that you and your team can update without a coder.

My experience

I learned NationBuilder directly from its creator.

Before setting out on my own as a NationBuilder Expert & Architect, I worked at NationBuilder’s HQ in Los Angeles. There, I learned the platform under the mentorship of the late Jim Gilliam, NationBuilder’s Founder & then CEO.

I have experience working with organizations like yours.

I began designing & developing NationBuilder websites nearly six years ago. In that time, I have supported organizations of every type and size: from small nonprofits to national political campaigns.

What I can do for you

Custom NationBuilder theme & website design

Your first meaningful experience with NationBuilder is likely to be the design and launch of your website. What you may not realize is how inextricably linked that website’s content strategy is to your organizational structure and organizing approach.

I help you navigate this period of organizational change by sharing my in-depth product knowledge and experience as a digital organizer — while concurrently designing a beautiful, functional NationBuilder website theme that you and your team can update without a coder.

Less custom, but still gorgeous & functional, theme design

I once deployed a national campaign for the now-UK Prime Minister in just three days and launched a presidential campaign in only two. If you need a beautiful, straightforward NationBuilder website in a hurry, you can count on me to get it done.

Let’s get started

Get in touch today, and I'll deliver a proposal in seven days or less. I can’t wait to help you build the future.

Website Design FAQs

Can you elaborate on how you approach theme design?

When I design a website theme for you, I create it to take advantage of as much of NationBuilder’s native functionality as possible. I build an actual “NationBuilder theme,” not just a website that runs on NationBuilder.

What’s the difference? A true theme can leverage all of NationBuilder’s powerful features (e.g., seamless integration between the people database and the website, powerful action pages, etc.); a traditional site built on NationBuilder will limit your potential and prevent you from leveraging key features that — frankly — you’re already paying for and deserve.

I’m able to build advanced themes because I know NationBuilder’s platform inside-and-out.

Which languages do you support?

I’ve developed NationBuilder websites in English (American, Australian, British, and Kiwi), French (France and Quebec), and Maltese. If you’re willing to help proofread the translation, I can support almost any language.

Do you design for platforms other than NationBuilder?

No. I specialize exclusively in NationBuilder’s community organizing software platform, and I have a particular specialty in helping organizations during their initial migration. If you need help with Shopify, WordPress, or another content management system, I am happy to make referrals to other experienced designers.