Ian Patrick Hines
Certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect

Theresa May for Prime Minister
Designing the digital infrastructure for Britain’s Prime Minister

Launch Day Homepage

Screenshot: Launch Day Homepage

The website’s initial homepage conveyed the campaign’s core theme: that Ms. May was ready from Day One.

Endorsements first

Screenshot: Endorsements first

Phase 1 was in the campaign was in the House of Commons, where key endorsements are crucial.

Organized to win

Screenshot: Organized to win

The campaign’s action hub prepared them, and their grassroots team, for the potential of a long battle.

About this project

Theresa May is one of Britain’s most accomplished public servants and one of the Conservative Party’s most experienced leaders. She was elected to Parliament in 1997. From 2002–2003, she oversaw the Conservative Party’s HQ as Party Chairman. And since 2010, Theresa May has served as Britain’s Home Secretary — serving longer in that demanding role than anyone in the last century.

When Prime Minister David Cameron announced he was stepping down in the wake of the Brexit referendum, Theresa May announced she was stepping up.

I was approached by her emerging campaign team on a Tuesday afternoon with a crucial ask: could I develop her branding, design her website, and deploy her digital infrastructure by Thursday morning? Just 36 hours to get the job done. Well, the answer was “yes:” I could, and I did.

Services Rendered:

  • NationBuilder Expert Consulting
  • NationBuilder Website Design
  • NationBuilder Website Development