Ian Patrick Hines
Certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect

The National Party of New South Wales
Empowering the largest political organization in regional New South Wales

Bold Brand Guidelines

Screenshot: Bold Brand Guidelines

The NSW Nationals entered the project with a clear brand identity, color palette, and style guide.

The Homepage

Screenshot: The Homepage

A modular homepage allowed the party’s internal staff to enter content without a coder.

The Splash Page

Screenshot: The Splash Page

A simplified “Splash Page” optimized for lead generation shows only to first time visitors.

About The National Party of New South Wales

I worked closely with the National Party of New South Wales (Australia) to help them reimagine their digital & field organizing infrastructure using NationBuilder’s community organizing system.

The Nationals have very specific (and attractive) brand guidelines, and working within those constraints made designing these sites an exciting challenge. The resulting designs are unique, modern, and powerfully functional—while still feeling distinctly a part of the Nationals brand.

Services Rendered

  • NationBuilder Website Design
  • NationBuilder Website Development