Ian Patrick Hines
Certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect

Santorum for President 2016
Restoring the American Dream for hardworking Americans

Landing Pages

Screenshot: Landing Pages

Simplified landing pages help the campaign build and engage its email list — reducing distractions and increasing conversion rates.

The Homepage

Screenshot: The Homepage

A bold, image-heavy homepage helps put the candidate’s story front and center.

Action Blocks

Screenshot: Action Blocks

Modular “action blocks” allowed the campaign to highlight varying content within the site’s design.

About Rick Santorum for President (2016)

I had the amazing opportunity to design & develop the website for Rick Santorum’s campaign for the presidency of the United States.

Well known for his grassroots campaigning style, Senator Santorum decided early on that the campaign would lean heavily on NationBuilder’s state-of-the-art grassroots organizing platform. Working with his campaign team, I developed a website that is built for action — featuring an action on every page and a personalized “Action Center” for grassroots supporters.

Senator Santorum’s commitment to cutting-edge technology allowed the campaign to be a leader in digital organizing in a way that — I believe — led the charge among Republican candidates during the early part of the 2016 presidential primary election cycle. 

Services Rendered

  • NationBuilder Expert Consulting
  • NationBuilder Website Design
  • NationBuilder Website Development