Ian Patrick Hines
Certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect

Sajid Javid, MP for Bromsgrove
Designing the branding & digital infrastructure for the next leader of the UK’s Conservatives

The Homepage

Screenshot: The Homepage

The homepage showcases Team Saj’s refreshed branding & visual identity, which balances traditionalism & modernity.

Branding & Logo Design

Screenshot: Branding & Logo Design

The branding & identity work was designed to be versatile enough to function in both digital and print mediums. (Click to expand.)

Landing Pages

Screenshot: Landing Pages

Simplified landing pages help the campaign build and engage its email list — reducing distractions and increasing conversion rates.

About this project

Theresa May’s announcement on May 24, 2019 that she would be stepping down from her role as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom set off a flurry of activity in British politics.

Within a matter of days, several Conservative politicians had put their names forward as potential successors to Ms. May, and the leadership election had begun in earnest.

Among them was Sajid Javid, the British Home Secretary and part of a new generation of Tory leaders that epitomizes modern Britain: with both traditional Conservative values and a modern outlook.

I helped “Team Saj” develop a new brand and visual identity for the leadership campaign, designing both his campaign’s logo and website. 

The result was a brand identity & digital campaign toolkit that is at once modern, traditional, creative, and practical — much like the British people themselves.

Services Rendered:

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • NationBuilder Website Design
  • NationBuilder Website Development